Tue, Aug 2, 2011 -- 7:33 AM

Food Banks ... Beer Laws ... "California" Menus

Marin, SF Won't Receive Federal Funds for Food Banks
Nine California counties - including Marin and San Franciso - will not be receiving federal funds for food bank programs this coming year. FEMA has restructured the way that federal aid money is distributed; the new formula eliminates counties that have higher median incomes and lower unemployment. FEMA has allocated 21 million dollars in aid to be distributed across 49 other California counties.

New Beer Laws Ban Caffeinated Brews, Encourage Brewery Tastings
Governor Brown has signed two bills relating to beer into law. One bans the production or sale of caffeinated beer. The other makes it easier and cheaper for breweries to offer tastings the way wineries do, by exempting them from most of the health and safety codes applied to restaurants if they don't sell food.

California Is Popular Title on Restaurant Menus
More than 12 percent of US restaurants in a survey have at least one dish on the menu with the word "California" in the name. The Foodservice Research Institute found that chicken or turkey sandwiches are the most likely item to be named after the Golden State; also burritos, salads, and of course the California Roll.

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