Fri, Jul 29, 2011 -- 1:04 PM

Ed Lee Mayoral Race Committee Under Fire ... Capturing Dying Languages ... Apple Has More Cash Than Federal Govmt.

Ed Lee Mayoral Race Committee Under Scrutiny
San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee is getting a taste of the intense scrutiny that comes with running for mayor, even without being an official candidate. Five mayoral candidates are calling for an investigation into alleged campaign finance violations by a committee that's pushing Lee to enter the race.

Project Aims to Capture Dying Languages
This weekend, an ambitious project kicks off to try and capture some of the world's disappearing languages. Tomorrow, two Bay Area groups will hold a "record-a-thon," where people can record themselves speaking their native languages and have them added to a human language library.

Apple Now Has More Cash Than Federal Government
As the standoff continues over the debt ceiling, Silicon Valley-based Business Insider points out that -- according to the latest statement from the U.S. Treasury -- Apple now has more cash on hand than the federal government.

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