Wed, May 25, 2011 -- 11:04 AM

State Released Dangerous Criminals ... Protests at Chevron ... Geographic Bee Finals

Calif. Released Hundreds of Dangerous Criminals Last Year
A new inspector general's report shows California improperly released hundreds of dangerous criminals last year, on the advice of a computer program. The report says about 450 of the 1,500 criminals released are considered at high-risk for violence. State officials use the program to help ease prison overcrowding.

Hundreds of Protestors at Chevron Shareholders Meeting
Chevron's annual shareholders meeting is underway this morning in San Ramon, amid demonstrations from hundreds of protesters outside. Many are protesting Chevron's environmental record at its oil drilling sites, and its refinery in Richmond.

Peninsula 10-Year-Old Makes Geographic Bee Finals
In Ecuador, there's a volcano called the Tungurahua. That fact came up today at the National Geographic Bee, where a 10-year-old from the Peninsula made the finals. Unfortunately, Tuvya Bergsen-Michelson did not win or place. Still, Tuvya won $500 for making the finals.

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