Wed, Feb 9, 2011 -- 12:04 PM

General Vang Pao Buried in Glendale ... Oakland Grow Houses ... Concord Schools

General Vang Pao Buried in Glendale
The elaborate six day funeral for General Vang Pao is wrapping up today. The body of beloved Hmong leader was taken to in the Southern California city of Glendale this morning to be buried today.

Oakland Hires Outside Counsel to Oversee Grow House Permits
Oakland city leaders say they've hired outside counsel to move forward with permits for medical cannabis grow houses. Last night, the City Council discussed pushing ahead with the permits after the city attorney bowed out of dealing with it. Councilman Larry Reid says the new attorneys need some time to review the city attorney's paperwork. The US Attorney based in San Francisco has warned Oakland that pot is still illegal under federal law regardless of any local ordinances.

Concord Will Close Two Schools
Two schools in Concord are counting down to their last days in operation, now that board officials have voted to shut them down. The Contra Costa Times reports, the Mount Diablo School board voted last night to shut down Holbrook Elementary and Glenbrook Middle Schools. The schools will close at the end of this term.

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