Thu, Feb 3, 2011 -- 4:32 PM

Caltrain Wrestles With Deficit ... Kidnap Suspect Faces Trial ... Drinking Water Cleanup

Caltrain Looking for Ways to Deal With Big Deficit
Caltrain officials held a hearing today to consider action to address a $30 million budget deficit. The line's managers are considering shutting down weekend service and cutting weekday service in half to deal with the shortfall.

Suspect in Jaycee Dugard Case Ruled Fit for Trial
An El Dorado County judge ruled today that the man accused of kidnapping and holding Jaycee Dugard is competent to stand trial. Lawyers for Phillip Garrido had argued that he is not mentally competent. He's charged with 18 counts of kidnapping, rape and false imprisonment for holding captive Dugard captive for 18 years.

Coast Farm Gets Drinking Water Cleanup
San Mateo County has approved a groundwater treatment system at a Pescadero farm where dozens of people were found to be drinking water with dangerous levels of nitrates. The San Mateo County Times reports that the system will clean water from two wells that supplied about 50 migrant workers.

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