Fri, Jan 21, 2011 -- 3:57 PM

NTSB Reports Cracks in San Bruno Pipeline Welds ... Big Comeback For State Public Pension Systems ... State Unemployment Rate Stubbornly High

Investigators Find Defects And Cracks In San Bruno Pipeline Welds
The pipe that exploded in San Bruno in September had multiple defects and cracks in the welds that connected the pipe segements. Federal investigators today released their first factual report on the pipeline explosion that killed eight people and destroyed 38 homes. PG&E had reported to investigators that the San Bruno pipe was seamless.

State Public Pensions Up More than 12% In 2010
California's public pension systems are posting solid investment returns after suffering steep losses during the recession. CalPERS -- The California Public Employees Retirement System... earned a 12 point five percent return last year. CalSTRS... the Teachers' pension fund.. ended the year with a gain of 12 point seven percent.

California Unemployment Up A Fraction In December
California's unemployment rose slightly last month.New state figures show the jobless rate edged up two-tenths of a percent in December, to 12-point-five percent.

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