Tue, Jan 4, 2011 -- 6:33 AM

Mayor Succession ... Torlakson Plans

SF Mayor Succession Still Up In Air
San Francisco's outgoing supervisors could choose an interim mayor at their final meeting today. But it's unclear whether the board can act before Gavin Newsom leaves City Hall. Newsom has postponed being sworn in as Lieutenant Governor to remain mayor until at least Saturday when four new members of the board will be sworn in. \t

Torlakson Plans Include Energy Audits for Schools
California?s new Superintendent of Public Instruction has some ideas for cutting costs in these grim financial times. Tom Torlakson is proposing energy audits and solar power for schools, and wants to put new funding initiatives to California voters. Governor Jerry Brown says he will not appoint a Secretary of Education, leaving Superintendent Torlakson and the Board of Education to manage schools together.

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