Mon, Oct 18, 2010 -- 5:04 PM

A Steelhead Surprise in Santa Cruz ... The Price We Pay for Flight Delays

A Steelhead Surprise in Santa Cruz
Water district biologists have found hundreds of young steelhead trout in a lagoon near the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. The discovery of an abundance of steelhead smolts came last week during an annual survey of the threatened fish in the San Lorenzo River, which forms a lagoon before flowing into Monterey Bay. Santa Cruz Water Resources Manager Chris Berry said it's by far the largest population of smolts in the eight years he's been surveying the river. The reason for the spike in the steelhead population? Berry speculates that last winter's rains created ideal conditions for steelhead in the San Lorenzo.

The Price We Pay for Flight Delays--$33 Billion
A new study, requested by the Federal Aviation Administration and done by researchers at UC-Berkeley and other colleges, estimates that one year of flight delays cost the U.S. economy $33 billion in lost time and productivity.

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