Fri, Sep 17, 2010 -- 10:04 AM

Workers Protest UC Regents' Vote ... Jobless Rate Holds Steady ... 'Ten-Q' Project

UC Workers Protest Regents' Vote on Pensions
The UC Board of Regents has voted to make employees pay more into their pensions. The vote yesterday brought out scores of angry university employees, who brought the meeting to a halt. The UC still has to negotiate the contribution hike with its unions. The UC pension fund was once so flush the university and workers contributed nothing -- but now it faces a $12 billion unfunded liability.

Calif. Jobless Rate Holds Steady
California's jobless rate is holding steady. New figures out today show 12.4 percent unemployment. Bay Area unemployment is below the state average -- significantly lower in Marin County -- but higher in Sacramento.

Jewish Organization Marks Yom Kippur With Billboards
San Francisco's Jewish Community Federation is marking the solemn, high holiday of Yom Kippur with billboards. The "Ten-Q" project uses truck-mounted signs with questions like, "what is a fear you have, and how has it limited you??

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