Wed, Aug 4, 2010 -- 3:52 PM

Prop. 8 Opponents Hold News Conference...Backers Pledge to Appeal Ruling

Plaintiffs in Prop. 8 Trial Hold News Conference
California's ban on same-sex marriage has been struck down. But that doesn't mean gay and lesbian couples may get married tonight. Soon after Judge Walker ruled that Prop. 8 violates the U.S. Constitution's protections of due process and equal protection, the plaintiff's attorneys held a news conference in San Francisco. KQED's Mina Kim just returned from the event.

Prop. 8 Backers Pledge to Appeal Ruling
From the start, both sides of the Prop. 8 fight said that if this decision did not go their way, they would appeal. An attorney who who argued in favor of Prop. 8 in court says an appeal will be made to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. We hear from John McNeff, pastor of the North Creek Church in Walnut Creek, who says he's disappointed with the ruling, but not surprised.

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